Gentle Tooth Extraction

Gentle Tooth Extraction

At All Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we make it comfortable and fun for any dental treatment, including tooth extractions. We use pediatric-friendly terminology to explain everything to your child, while using our specialty training to help your child feel safe and comfortable.

What is a Gentle Tooth Extraction?

Gentle tooth extractions may be necessary for multiple reasons, such as deep decay, infection, baby teeth that won’t fall on their own, or for orthodontics.

Dr. Lenard and her team have different treatment options when recommending treatment. We will assess your child’s needs and review all options before treatment is rendered. We are a full-service pediatric dental office, offering chairside treatment as well as dental sedations.  

What is the Gentle Tooth Extraction Process?

The tooth extraction appointment may be on you and your child’s mind - but it’s important to remain calm and reassure your child that the appointment is an easy one. If indicated, the area will be numbed and the tooth will be gently removed.

In pediatric dentistry, wording is everything. We “wiggle” or “loosen” the tooth, but never “rip”, “pull” or “yank”. Dental phobia is created when we explain procedures to children with words that can scare them. Dr. Lenard is trained to communicate with your child about any procedure , modifying her approach based on your child’s needs.

What are the Benefits of a Gentle Tooth Extraction?

  • Better oral health
  • More space for orthodontic treatment
  • Prevent spread of decay
  • Alleviate pain or resolve dental infection 

Does Your Child Need a Gentle Tooth Extraction in Miami?

If your child needs a tooth extraction, All Smiles Pediatric Dentistry is a caring environment for your child’s treatment. We will make sure your child is comfortable and at ease during the procedure. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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